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Last Minute Cleaning

Of course, it always happens when you least expect it! Imagine you forgot that your friend from college is coming by tonight, or your parents are on their way for the weekend - all while the house is a mess, you still haven't cooked, done the yard work and have a virtual work meeting in an hour. When time is not on your side, we are here for you. We understand that everyone has busy lives and has a lot of work on their plate, and finding a last-minute cleaner can be nearly impossible. Let us be your right hand team and take care of your cleaning for you so that you can focus on other things you need to get done. If this is you, hit the button below and contact us NOW!

Deep Cleaning

Our Deep Clean service is an in-depth clean that leaves your space sparkling like a magazine cover! We thoroughly nourish, polish, disinfect and sanitize your areas to your exact taste.

Over time, we notice that areas of your home and business compile layers if dirt, grease, and grime that a regular cleaning would not be able to handle. There are also plenty of areas within your space that you may overlook during your daily cleaning. Our deep cleaning services target these areas and make sure your space is left fresh and nearly like-new.

Our Deep Cleaning "Go-To" Areas


Door Frames

Picture Frames


Inside and Under Couches



Ceiling Fans

Carpets + Wood Floors

Cob Webs


+ More to meet your requests!

Pre/Post Party Cleaning

Let us take care of the cleanup after your event or party! We know the stress of worrying about cleaning up after guests can be daunting. Choose us at Cross State Cleaning to be your cleaning partner so that you can worry about the execution of your successful event or party. We'll be sure to clean every room, space, and dispose of ALL garbage to have your place looking like the party never happened!

We take event/party cleaning to the next level. Yup, it even includes the kitchen, and any other space you had to use to prepare for the party. Dishes, plates and glasses - you name it, we got you covered! Our sole mission is to get your place back in shape.

In and Out Cleaning

Perfect for daily/weekend rentals, showings, or any change of occupancy. Have us be in, and out! We can come in and fully prepare your space for the arrival of you, your future customers, meetings, etc.




Outside Cabinets

Tables & Seats


Wall (backsplash)

Inside and Outside Stoves

Inside Refrigerator


  • Interior Windows
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Frequent Cleaning

Schedule us for a daily, weekly, and/or monthly cleaning

What is better than having a schedule and knowing exactly when your place will be cleaned? Hit GET A FREE QUOTE and inquire about our frequent cleaning schedule to keep your place well maintained. (Available for all services)​​


Standard Procedures

Sweep all areas

Mop & Wash all Floors

Wipe and Disinfect surfaces


Clean Closets and Cabinets

Disposal of Garbage and Left Overs

+ More to meet your requests!